The range of dyes available from Metro Chem Industries is extensive, with a wide range of colours and applications. Basic dyes are characterized by bright colours, magnificent fluorescence (mainly rose red, yellow, orange, etc.), and strong colouring power. We offer Basic Dyes that are widely used in the textile industries and other industrial applications. They give intense colours with excellent wash fastness even in harsh conditions. The dyes are also offered in clear liquid form, which is mostly applied in acrylic fibers manufacturing and deep brown to black shades.

We manufacture basic dyes for paper, too. As a result, we are India’s most well-known manufacturer of basic dyes.

Our Strong Products as listed below,
Malachite Green (Powder & Crystal)
Auramine 200%
Rhodamine B 540%
Basic Blue 26

Basic Dyes
Auramine O Basic Yellow 2 Sample Request
Bismarck Brown G Basic Brown 1 Sample Request
Bismarck Brown R Basic Brown 4 Sample Request
Methyl Violet Basic Violet 1 Sample Request
Crystal Violet Basic Violet 3 Sample Request
Ethyl Violet Basic Violet 4 Sample Request
Rhodamine B Basic Violet 10 Sample Request
Magenta Powder Basic Violet 14 Sample Request
Brilliant Green Basic Green 1 Sample Request
Malachite Green Basic Green 4 Sample Request
Victoria Blue B Basic Blue 26 Sample Request
Methylene Blue Basic Blue 9 Sample Request

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