Sodium Silicate is a well-known raw material which plays an important role in the industries of paper, soap, detergent, construction materials, delicate casting, anti-corrasion material, textile and mineral floating select industries. It is also used as desalt agent of brine and its carrier as hydrated silica and absorbent.

Our clients utilise Sodium Silicate (MCISSS) for the following applications:

  • Detergent / Cleaning Compounds
  • Paper Board
  • Building Material / Construction
  • Ceramics
  • Petroleum Processing
  • Metals
Technical Specification Detergent grade (M 2.0~2.3)
Appearance Clear lumps with light blue color
Na2O content by wt % 31~ 33
SiO2 content by wt % 67~ 69
Na2O + SiO2 content by wt % 98 min
Modulus 2.0~ 2.3
Fe2O3 content by wt % 0.05 max
Al2O3 content by wt % 0.5 max

We provide Sodium Silicate (MCISSS) that has been synthesised to meet the highest safety and quality standards.

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