Commodity: Modified Sodium Disilicate
Application: Replace STPP in Detergent Powder Making
Appearance: White Small Particle, Free Flowing


  1. It is fully environmentally friendly.
  2. superior function and calcium exchange ability to STPP
  3. high PH buffering capacity
  4. Competitive pricing to save money
  5. Low density and free flow: 0.48/ml all around.
  6. does not readily absorb moisture from the air to form a cake.
  7. Especially excellent for high tower sprayers and dry mix or combining
  8. be utilised in the same way as STPP in the manufacturing process, with no changes to the equipment
  9. to manufacture regular or concentrated detergent powder; free-phosphate or low-phosphate detergent powder
Technical Specification
Appearance Free flowing white granular
Ca2+ exchange (mgCaCO3/g), 35℃,20min 450 mg/g min
Whiteness % 85 min
Bulk density (g/l) – Granular 480~ 600
pH of 1% water sol. 12.5 max
SiO2 content by wt % 25 min
Na2O + SiO2 content by wt % 50 min
Water insoluble by wt % 1.50 max
Moisture by wt % 5 max

We provide Modified Sodium Disilicate (MCIMSD) that has been synthesised to meet the highest safety and quality standards.

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