Sodium Sulphate, a vital raw material for the manufacture of a variety of products, has seen an increase in demand over the past few years due to growing demands from clients.

Metro Chem Industries manufacture sodium sulphate (MCISSA) of high consistency. Our Sulphate (MCISSA) supplied is very much appreciated among our customers all over the world. We market Sodium Sulphate at the most affordable price.An inorganic compound, this is a white solid that is water soluble and is an important commodity chemical. Various forms of the compound are white solids that are mainly used in the manufacture of detergents and paper pulping.

Every process that we follow is designed to ensure that Sodium Sulphate Anhydrous is of the highest quality.Our organized processes and our proven philosophy of living up to our reputation as a quality supplier ensure that the best grades leave our units. The rigorous control mechanisms that we have in place are designed to assure quality of international specifications.

Our customers also appreciate our ethical and fair corporate standards and the timely dispatch of goods.



• Purity
• Optimum quality
• No side effects
• Long shelf life
• Effectiveness
• Accurate composition
• Highly effective
• Premium quality


• Filler in Synthetic Detergents
• Manufacturer of Kraft Paper & Paperboard
• Manufacturer of Glass
• Sodium Salts
• Ceramics Glazes
• Processing Textile Fibbers
• Dyes
• Freezing Mixtures

Technical Specification Low Chloride grade
Appearance white powder
Na2SO4 content by wt% 99.0 min
Chloride as NaCl by wt% 0.25 max
Iron as Fe by wt% 0.01 max
Water insoluble by wt% 0.1 max
Ca2+ and Mg2+ content by wt% 0.3 max
Moisture by wt % 0.5 max
Whiteness 85 min

We provide Sodium Sulphate (MCISSA) that has been synthesised to meet the highest safety and quality standards.

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