Zeolite 4A Manufacturers (MCIZ4A -MCIZA)

Metro Chem’s expertise, production capabilities and commitment to satisfied customers create added value for our customers.

Metro Chem Industries is one of the leading, independent manufacture of zeolites powder (MCIZ4A – MCIZA) in India – offering to various industries. Metro Chem is primarily engaged in supplying chemicals, raw materials, and industrial commodities. Since then, we have been able to establish ourselves as one of the most reliable suppliers of zeolite powder to both domestic and international customers by offering quality services with competitive prices.

Our Zeolite Powder (MCIZA) is an environmentally preferable alternative to phosphate builders. It is used in detergents because it can trap & remove soil, soften water, and control dyes & brighteners.
Metro Chem Industries – Zeolite Powder is available in the following 2 grades.

• MCIZ4A (Zeolite Detergent Builder)- is a multifunctional builder in laundry detergent formulations. Its high calcium exchange capacity which reduces water hardness and its high liquid carrying capacity allow for formulators to add maximum number of liquid surfactants to keep the detergent free flowing and increase detergency.

• MCIZA(Zeolite – Sodium Alumino Silicate) – For Plastic Industry, Paint Industry, PVC Stabilizer, Thermal Paper, Printing Ink, Agriculture Aqua Feed.

Technical Specification


Ca2+Exchanging    Capacityby


310 min

White (w=y) by %

97 min

pH (1% suspension, 25℃)

11 max

Loss on Ignition (800℃, 1 h) by wt %

19.5~ 20.5

Al3+ content by wt %

18 min

Bulk Density by g/l

500 max

Particle size by wt (on 325mesh sieve) %

0.5 max

D50(Average particle size)

2~5 um

Less than 4 um by wt%

90 min

Less than 10 um by wt %

99 min

We provide Zeolites (MCIZ4A – MCIZA) that has been synthesised to meet the highest safety and quality standards.

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