Metro Chem Industries is one of the well-known Reactive Dyes Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers in India. We offer a wide range of our series which are suitable to various dyeing & printing of cellulose fibre. Keeping in our mind the valuable necessities of our clients, we manufacture the characterized and standardize range of dyes which are extreme in performance and perfect in resistance.

Reactive Dyes are used for colouring textiles. They are highly coloured organic substances that have a strong reaction with the fibre, ensuring a permanent colouring. Unlike other dyestuffs that adhere to the material by absorption, Special Reactive Dyes have a strong attachment and are seldom removed by washing.

We are one of the most reliable manufacturers, exporters, and suppliers of Reactive Dyes in India. We have been catering to the needs of the traders, manufacturers, and consumers for years by offering best quality reactive dyes at reasonable rates. Our high-quality reactive dyes are made using high-grade raw materials. We offer reactive dyes in various shades ranging from natural to bright colors.

Reactive Dyes are excellent for printing on cotton fabrics. These dyes have a high degree of colourfastness, and thus, wash well and last longer than other dyes.

Reactive Cold Dyes

The “M” Cold Series of Reactive Dyes present cold colours with excellent fastness properties.

These dyes can give uniform, permanent colour very easily.

At the same time these dyes do not require any acid fixing bath at optimum temperature of 25-35 Deg. C.

1 Yellow M8G Yellow 86 70865-29-1 Sample Request
2 Yellow M4G Yellow 22 12226-49-2 Sample Request
3 Yellow MGR Yellow 7 12226-46-9 Sample Request
4 Golden Yellow MR Yellow 44 12270-91-6 Sample Request
5 Yellow M3R Orange 86 83929-91-3 Sample Request
6 Yellow M4R Orange 14 12225-86-4 Sample Request
7 Orange MG Orange 1 6522-74-3 Sample Request
8 Orange M2R Orange 4 12225-82-0 Sample Request
9 Red M5B Red 2 17804-49-8 Sample Request
10 Red M8B Red 11 12226-08-3 Sample Request
11 Pink MB Red 74 12270-82-5 Sample Request
12 Magenta MB Violet 13 12270-87-0 Sample Request
13 Violet C4R Violet 12 Sample Request
14 Violet C3R Sample Request
15 Violet 2BNH Sample Request
16 Blue M2R Blue 81 75030-18-1 Sample Request
17 N.Blue M3R Blue-9 12225-37-5 Sample Request
18 Blue MR Blue 4 13324-20-4 Sample Request
19 Blue M4GD Blue 168 72847-57-5 Sample Request
Reactive Hot Dyes

Our Reactive Dyes hot dyes possess high acid strength and provide excellent chemical stability, which makes them the best choice of colorant for use in a variety of industries. Our dyes are designed to specifically meet the needs of paper, textiles, leathers, and plastics. Our extensive range provides a shade for nearly every need.

1 Yellow H4G Yellow 18 12226-48-1 Sample Request
2 Yellow P6G Yellow 85 Sample Request
3 Yellow P8G Yellow 95 Sample Request
4 G. Yellow HR Orange 12 Sample Request
5 Yellow P2RN Yellow 181 Sample Request
6 Orange H2R Orange 13 12225-85-3 Sample Request
7 Red H8B Red 31 12237-00-2 Sample Request
8 Red 6BX Red 76 Sample Request
9 Red PBN Red 24 Sample Request
10 Red H2B Red 45 Sample Request
11 Red P6B Red 218 Sample Request
12 Red P4B Red 245 Sample Request
13 Megenta HB Violet 26 Sample Request
14 Purple H3R Violet 1 12239-45-1 Sample Request
15 Blue H5R Blue 13 12236-84-9 Sample Request
16 Blue P3R Blue 49 Sample Request
17 Navy Blue HR Blue 59 12270-71-2 Sample Request
18 Blue P2RN Black 39 Sample Request
19 Blue HGR Blue 5 Sample Request
20 Blue H5G Blue 25 12236-87-2 Sample Request
21 Olive Green 2G Green 8 Sample Request
22 Red Brown H4R Brown 9 12225-66-0 Sample Request
23 Black HN Black 8 12225-26-2 Sample Request
24 Black PGR Sample Request
Reactive HE Dyes

Reactive he dyes are bifunctional reactive tint. These are having two reactive molties of the same type viz monochlorotriazinyl. The chromogen of the colour is supported through a stilbene in the molecule. This structure provides good light fastness and as well good washing fastness because of having high molecular weight. The optimum fixation temperature of ‘he’ dyes is 80-85 deg. C

1 Yellow HE6G Yellow 135 77907-38-1 Sample Request
2 Yellow HE3G Yellow 105 176023-34-0 Sample Request
3 Yellow HE4G Yellow 81 59112-78-6 Sample Request
4 G. Yellow HE4R Yellow 84 61951-85-7 Sample Request
5 Orange HER Orange 84 91261-29-9 Sample Request
6 Red HE3B Red 120 61951-82-4 Sample Request
7 Red HE7B Red 141 61931-52-0 Sample Request
8 Red HE8B Red 152 71872-80-5 Sample Request
9 Navy Blue HER Blue 171 77907-32-5 Sample Request
10 Navy Blue HE2R Blue 172 85782-76-9 Sample Request
11 Blue HERD Blue 160 71872-76-9 Sample Request
12 Blue HEGN Blue 198 Sample Request
13 Green HE4BD Green 19A 61931-49-5 Sample Request
14 T.Blue HA Blue 71 12677-15-5 Sample Request
15 Black HEBL Sample Request
Reactive Vinyl Sulphone Based Dyes

Reactive vinyl sulphone-baseddyes are widely used for dyeing & printing of cellulosic fibres for its very good fastness properties, these dyes are having very good features like, good solubility even in presence of alkali, very good fastness properties, can be applied both by exhaust & padding methods, possesses less affinity hence very good levelling property & suitable for resist & discharge printing.These dyes are applied by exhaust method at the optimum temperature of 60-65 Deg. C.

1 Yellow FG Yellow 42 12226-63-0 Sample Request
2 Yellow GL Yellow 37 Sample Request
3 G.Yellow G Yellow 17 20317-19-5 Sample Request
4 Yellow GR Yellow 15 12226-47-0 Sample Request
5 G.Yellow RNL Orange 107 Sample Request
6 Yellow H7GL Yellow 57 Sample Request
7 G.Yellow R Sample Request
8 Yellow RTN Yellow 24 12226-51-6 Sample Request
9 Orange 3R Orange 16 12225-88-6 Sample Request
10 Orange 3R Orange 16A Sample Request
11 Red C2G Red 106 105635-66-3 Sample Request
12 Red 3B Red 23 12769-7-2 Sample Request
13 Red 5B Red 35 Sample Request
14 Red RB Red 198 Sample Request
14 Red BS Red 111 Sample Request
15 Maroon B Red 174 Sample Request
16 Bordeaux B Red 49 Sample Request
17 Violet 5R Violet 5 12226-38-9 Sample Request
18 Blue 3R Blue 28 12225-45-5 Sample Request
19 Blue BB Blue 220 Sample Request
20 N.Blue RGB Blue 250 Sample Request
21 N.Blue H2GLN Blue 203 Sample Request
22 Brown GR Brown 18 12225-73-9 Sample Request
23 Blue RS Blue 19 Sample Request
24 T.Blue G Blue 21 12236-86-1 Sample Request
25 Black RL Black 31 12731-63-4 Sample Request
26 Black B Black 5 12225-25-1 Sample Request
27 Black N150 Mix Sample Request
28 Black WNN Mix Sample Request
29 Super Black G Mix Sample Request
30 Super Black R Mix Sample Request
Reactive ‘RGB’ Dyes

Reactive ‘RGB’ dyes are those dyes which are featuring more than two different reactive groups within one molecule. The vinyl sulphonate group is a subclass of reactive groups, which allow us to easily modify the colour and property of these dyes.

1 Ultra Yellow RGB NA Sample Request
2 Ultra Orange RGB NA Sample Request
3 Ultra Red RGB NA Sample Request
4 Ultra Caramine RGB NA Sample Request
Reactive ’SD’ Dyes

Reactive ‘SD’ dyes are unique in their ability to combine the characteristics of all colour classes and offer a wide range of shades.

Reactive ‘ME’ Dyes

We are offering a new range of ‘ME’ Dyes for our customers who are too conscious of energy consumption. The required fixation temperature of ‘ME’ series dyes is 60 deg C. These dyes have advantage of high exhaustion, high fixation, high alkali stability, very good levelling property, excellent all-around fastness properties like light, washing, and perspiration.

Reactive ’Printing’ Dyes

Reactive Printing dyes are of major interest for printing of cellulose textiles. They react with cellulosic fibre in the presence of alkali and under the influence of heat to produce fast and brilliant multicoloured prints on cotton, acrylic and polyester fabric. The prints can be printed directly onto any textile without any preliminaries.

Reactive ’RR’ Dyes

The new Reactive RR dye range consists of a variety of three colour combination, which are shown to have uniform dyeing performance. These dyes are primarily used in the exhaust dyeing process at 60°C for medium and deep shades.
Reactive RR new series consist of :-
• Reactive Yellow RR
• Reactive Red RR
• Reactive Blue RR
• Reactive Orange RR

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