Complex Sodium Disilicate (MCICSDS) is a white powder that has excellent hydration and good flow properties.

This product can replace STPP in production process without any change in equipment when making detergent powder, namely concentrate detergent powder, ordinary detergent powder and phosphorous free washing powder but it cannot be used as a substitute to calcium stearate in the manufacture of alkyd resin.

The following are the advantages of MCICSDS.

  1. Environmentally friendly in every way
  2. Superior function and strong calcium exchange ability, superior to STPP
  3. High PH buffering capacity
  4. Competitive pricing to save money
  5. Low density and free flow: 0.48-0.6g/ml all around. (Customer requirement)
  6. Does not readily collect moisture from the air to form a cake.
  7. Especially ideal for high tower sprayers and dry mix or mixing.
  8. Be utilised in the same way as STPP in the manufacturing process, with no changes to the equipment.


Item Index
Calcium ion exchange capacity (CaCO3) mg/g ≥300
Content of SiO2,% ≥20
Content of SiO2%+ Na2O%,% ≥50
Whiteness % ≥85
Stacking density/cm3) 0.48-0.6
pH ≤12.5
Water insoluble, % ≤1.5
Water, % ≤5

We provide Complex Sodium Disilicate (MCICSDS) that has been synthesised to meet the highest safety and quality standards.

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