At MCI, we’re committed to providing you with the highest-quality synthetic food colours available. Our food colours are used in a wide variety of applications in industries like the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and chemical industries. We understand that the quality of these products is important to you—that’s why we use only the best ingredients and strict manufacturing practices to ensure that our products always meet or exceed your standards for quality.

Food colours are used on foods for a variety of reasons. With the prevalence of processed foods on the market, colourants must be used to make them safe, attractive, and even to extend the shelf life of the items. The food colours we created are absolutely safe to ingest. Colours such as deep red, yellow, and orange can be produced from natural compounds such as carotenoids.

Our food grade food colouring is safe, natural and approved. It is also considered to be of a high quality and excellent in quality. We have brilliant blue FCF, fast green FCF, erythrosine and many others. Our wide range of synthetic food colours can be used to add colour in any food colouring product. From sweets and cakes to sauces, beverages and fruit drinks – we offer an increasing range of colours that are tested constantly to ensure they are free from harmful substances. Products are certified by FDA and approved according to international standards. Our products are manufactured with high purity water-soluble & lake colours for the Food, beverage, confectionery, and pharmaceutical industries. With years of experience in this field we manage to meet the specific requirements of our customers due to our proper quality control, Research and Development.


TARTRAZINE 19140 85 Acid Yellow 23 Yellow #5 Sample Request
QUINOLINE YELLOW 47005 70 Acid Yellow 3 Sample Request
SUNSET YELLOW 15985 85 Yellow #6 Sample Request
CARMOISINE 14720 85 Acid Red 14 Sample Request
AMARANTH 16185 85 Acid Red 27 Sample Request
PONCEAU 4R 16255 80 Acid Red 18 Sample Request
ERYTHROSINE 45430 87 Acid Red 51 Red #3 Sample Request
ALLURA RED AC 16035 85 Red #40 Sample Request
PATENT BLUE V 42051 85 Acid Blue 3 Sample Request
INDIGO CARMINE 73015 85 Blue #2 Sample Request
BRILLIANT BLUE FCF 42090 85 Acid Blue 9 Blue #1 Sample Request
GREEN S 44090 80 Acid Green 50 Sample Request
CHOCOLATE BROWN HT 20285 70 Sample Request
BRILLIANT BLACK BN 28440 80 Sample Request
FAST RED E 16045 85 Sample Request

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